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About Us: General Information 

Who May Use Zetland Hall

All members of a Masonic Lodge, Chapter, or other side-order meeting at Zetland Hall may use the Hall and all of its facilities.

Guests - both ladies and gentlemen - may be brought for lunch on weekdays: the minimum dress code is 'smart casual'. Guests may be brought into the bar area on weekday evenings and Saturdays, but only when no Masonic meeting is scheduled.

Overseas Visitors

Members of Lodges and other Masonic orders overseas, which are recognised as regular by the Grand Lodges of Scotland and Ireland, are very welcome at Zetland Hall and may use all of the facilities.

Visitors from recognised foreign Constitutions are very welcome to visit English Lodges and Chapters, however they should in the first instance obtain clearance from their respective Grand Secretary through the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England before the visit takes place.


Visitors must also be in possession of relevant masonic credentials. On arrival, please introduce yourself to the General Manager, meet the Masonic Custodian, and sign the Visitors' Book

Masonic Meetings at Zetland Hall

There are usually two Masonic meetings on weekday evenings, and occasionally there is a Masonic meeting on a Saturday (There are Masonic meetings throughout the year, but there are no 'daylight' Lodges). A monthly calendar of meetings is posted on the notice board in the entrance hall, as well as being available here.

Each day, by dialing 2810 4050, you can access a voice mail message telling you what meetings are taking place that evening, and the time they start


(NOTE: Most Masonic meetings usually start at 1830, with members arriving at Zetland Hall around 1800).


Our facilities include:

  • Two Masonic meeting rooms

  • Robing and changing rooms

  • Masonic library

  • Hong Kong Masonic Museum

  • Dining hall

  • Fully licensed bar

There is a fully equipped kitchen, run by a qualified executive chef, where Western, Chinese, and Asian meals are prepared. On weekdays, the dining hall is open at lunch time as a restaurant for members and their guests.


The bar is open throughout the day: various snacks, sandwiches, and light meals are available. On weekday evenings, almost all the Masonic bodies arrange for a post-meeting dinner at Zetland Hall for their members.


There are no overnight facilities at Zetland Hall.

As well as being a venue for Masonic meetings, Zetland Hall is available to host private functions. Please contact General Manager for details.

Paying at Zetland Hall

All purchases by visitors must be paid for by cheque, Octopus, Visa or MasterCard as Zetland Hall has moved to a cashless system for resident members. Cash may be allowed to be used by a visitor, who should register this at the Manager’s office or with Bar staff and have a full member vouch for him. There are no credit facilities. Purchases by local brethren is by membership card only, with monthly billing.

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