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What is Freemasonry?

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For many years Freemasons have followed the three great principles of Brotherly love, Relief and Truth. 

How to join? 
There is a popular misconception that to become a Mason one needs to be invited to join. In fact the reverse is true ‐ a longstanding convention within Freemasonry is that it is the potential candidate who should do the asking! Some American lodges have the phrase "To be one, ask one". If you know a friend or neighbour who is a Mason and you are interested in Freemasonry, just ask him. He will be delighted to talk with you as all Masons are proud to be members of their own Lodge. 

If there is no one to whom you can turn and you live in Hong Kong, please contact either the General Manager of Zetland Hall or the Secretary or Membership Officer of one of the three District and Provincial Grand Lodges, who would be happy to arrange for you to meet some of the Brethren informally and to answer your questions. 

If then you wish to join, your name will be put before a Lodge. A committee (of perhaps two or three members) will talk to you to ascertain your views and that you believe in God or a Supreme Being (Atheism and Freemasonry are incompatible). The committee will report its recommendation back to the Lodge. A vote will be taken and, if found acceptable, you will be on your way to being a fully fledged Mason and you will have joined the oldest fraternity in the world. 

English Constitution

The District Grand Membership Officer
District Grand Lodge of Hong Kong and the Far East


Irish Constitution

The Provincial Grand Secretary
Provincial Grand Lodge of the Far East


Scottish Constitution

The District Grand Secretary
District Grand Lodge of the Far East


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