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Zetland Hall

The Home of Freemasonry in Hong Kong

Zetland Hall hosts almost all of Hong Kong's Masonic activity. Located at 1 Kennedy Road on Hong Kong Island, Zetland Hall offers meeting rooms, practice rooms, and a library as well as a bar and banqueting facilities.

Installations in February

  1 Feb   Swatow L3705 EC

  5 Feb   Lux in Oriente RCC 215
19 Feb   Corinthian of Amoy L1806 EC

21 Feb   St John's Assemblage
22 Feb   Jubilee RAC 2013 EC
24 Feb   Harriers L9882 EC

27 Feb   Phoenix Sovereign RX 17 SC
28 Feb   
The Club L9880 EC

Installations in March

  2 Mar   Bauhinia Chapter RX 1112 EC

  6 Mar   Naval & Military L848 SC

  8 Mar   Victoria L1026 EC

12 Mar   Shameen MMM 832 EC

13 Mar   Shamrock L712 IC

18 Mar   Royal Sussex RAC 501 EC 

19 Mar   Eothen MMM 264 EC

20 Mar   University RAC 3666 EC

22 Mar   Victoria P&P 78

26 Mar   HK Sovereign RX 240 SC

28 Mar   United MMM 419 EC

Staff Gratuity

Contributions to the Staff Gratuity Scheme are billed to resident member's accounts in January each year.


On weekdays, the minimum dress code for members at Zetland Hall is ‘Smart Casual’.

Long and short sleeved shirts with collars, including rugby and polo shirts, and casual trousers, including jeans, are acceptable. Shirts without sleeves and/or collars, T-shirts, singlets, tank-tops, shorts, open toed shoes and flip-flops are not acceptable.

On Saturdays until 3.00pm, smart shorts, T-shirts and open toed shoes are acceptable.

Visitors should be attired to the same appropriate standard as their hosts.

Hats may not be worn inside Zetland Hall unless for religious, cultural or ceremonial reasons.


Children under the age of 18 years are not permitted to enter Zetland Hall, except to attend white table banquets on Saturdays or private events and functions approved by the General Manager.

Full details may be found in the House Rules.

Past Notices


1 Kennedy Road
Hong Kong



(852) 2522 4404


(852) 2522 0643


(852) 2523 9122


(852) 2810 7273


Monday to Saturday

When a Masonic meeting or other function is scheduled: 10.00am to 12.15am.

When no Masonic meeting or other function is scheduled: 10.00am to 6.30pm.


Sundays and Public Holidays

Closed, unless a private function has been arranged.

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