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Hong Kong Lodges

Zetland Hall is a Masonic Centre owned and operated by the Lodges that meet in Hong Kong. Currently there are 32 Blue or Craft Lodges that meet here under the auspices of the Grand Lodges of EnglandIreland, and Scotland, as well as a wide variety of English, Irish, and Scottish side-orders.


English Constitution (Meetings, (I) = Installation)


  • Cathay Lodge No. 4373 -1st Fri in Oct to Dec and Feb to Jun - May (I)

  • Club Lodge No. 9880 - 2nd Fri in Sep, 4th Wed in Feb (I), Apr and Jun

  • Corinthian Lodge of Amoy No. 1806 - 3rd Mon of Sep to May - Jan (I)

  • Foochow Lodge No. 1912 - 3rd Fri of Sep to May - Apr (I)

  • Harriers Lodge No. 9882 - Sat preceding the last Mon in Feb (I), 2nd Sat in Jun, Sep and Nov

  • Hong Kong and Far East District Grand Stewards Lodge No. 9879 - 4th Sat in Jan, 2nd Tue in Jun (I), 4th Mon in Sep

  • Lodge of Lu Pan No. 9387 - 2nd Tue in Jan and Feb, 1st Tue in Mar, 2nd Tue in Apr, May and Sep, 2nd Fri in Oct, 2nd Tue in Nov (I) and Dec

  • Lodge Star of Southern China No. 2013 - 1st Mon of Sep to May - Nov (I)

  • Paul Chater Lodge of Installed Masters No. 5391 - 4th Tue in Jan (I), 4th Fri in Apr, May and Aug

  • Perseverance Lodge of Hong Kong No. 1165 - 3rd Thu of Jan to May and Sep to Nov, 3rd Tue in Dec (I)

  • Rotarian Lodge of Hong Kong No. 9378 - Last Mon in Feb, last Fri in Apr, Jun and Jul, 1st Fri in Sep, last Fri in Oct (I), 1st Fri in Dec

  • Royal Sussex Lodge No. 501 - 4th Wed of Sep to Nov and Jan, Mar, May and Jul - Oct (I)

  • St. Paul's Lodge No. 9718 - 4th Sat of Jan to Jun and Sep to Nov - May (I)

  • Swatow Lodge No. 3705 - 1st Thu of Sep to May - Feb (I)

  • United Service Lodge No. 1341 - 2nd Mon of Sep to May - Dec (I)

  • University Lodge of Hong Kong No. 3666 - 4th Mon of Jan to May and Sep to Nov (I)

  • Victoria Lodge of Hong Kong No. 1026 - 2nd Fri of Oct to Jun - Mar (I)

  • Zetland Lodge No. 525 - 1st Tue of every month - Dec (I)

Irish Constitution (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

Scottish Constitution (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Lodge Cosmopolitan No. 428 - 3rd Thu in Jun, Jul (I) and Aug

  • Lodge Eastern Scotia No. 923 - 3rd Tue of Sep to Nov and Jan (I) to Jun

  • Lodge Naval & Military No. 848 - 1st Wed in Oct, Nov and Jan to Jun - Mar (I)

  • Lodge St. Andrew in the Far East No. 493 - 4th Thu of Sep to Nov and Jan to May - Apr (I)

  • Lodge St. John No. 618 - 2nd Tue of Sep to May - Dec (I)

  • Lodge Trident No. 1849 - 2nd Tue in Jun, 3rd Tue in Aug, 4th Mon in Oct (I), 2nd Mon in Dec


Craft Lodges
Royal Arch Chapters

English Constitution (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Cathay Chapter No. 1165 - 1st Thu in Mar, 3rd Wed in Apr, 1st Wed in Jun (I) and Sep, 1st Thu in Dec

  • Jubilee Chapter No. 2013 - 4th Thu in Feb (I), Apr, Jun and Oct, 2nd Fri in Dec

  • Royal Sussex Chapter of No. 501 - 3rd Tue in Jan, 3rd Mon in Feb and Mar (I), 2nd Mon in Jun, 3rd Mon in Oct

  • United Chapter No. 1341 - 1st Thu in Apr (I), 2nd Thu in Jun, 1st Thu in Sep, 2nd Tue in Oct

  • University of Hong Kong Chapter No. 3666 - 3rd Wed in Jan, Mar (I), Sep and Nov

  • Victoria Chapter No. 525 - 3rd Tue in Feb, Apr (I), Jun and Oct

Irish Constitution (Meetings, (I) = Installation)


Scottish Constitution (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Naval and Military Royal Arch Chapter No. 302 - 4th Wed of Jan to Apr and Sep to Nov (I)

  • St. Andrew Royal Arch Chapter No. 218 - 3rd Fri of Feb to May, Sep and Oct (I)


MARK MASTER MASONS (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Concordia Lodge No. 721 - 2nd Thu in Jan (I), Mar, May, Sep and Nov

  • Eothen Lodge No. 264 - 3rd Tue in Mar (I), May, Sep and Nov

  • Shameen Lodge No. 832 - 2nd Fri in Jan, 2nd Tue in Mar (I), 2nd Fri in May, Sep and Nov

  • United Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 419 - 4th Thu in Jan, Mar (I), May, Sep and Nov

ROYAL ARK MARINERS (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Ararat Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 264 - 1st Wed in Feb, Mar, Oct and Dec (I)

  • P.C. Woo Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 721 - 1st Wed in Jan, May, Aug and Nov (I)

  • St. Andrew Lodge and Council No. 218 - 1st Fri in Mar, May, Jul, Sep (I) and Nov


English Constitution (Meetings, (E) = Enthronement)

  • Bauhinia Chapter No. 1112 - 1st Sat in Mar (E) and Jun, 4th Thu in Aug, 1st Sat in Dec

  • Chater Chapter No. 1217 - 1st Thu in Jun (E) and Dec

  • Semper Fidelis Chapter No. 1154 - 2nd Sat in Mar, 3rd Sat in Jun, 2nd Sat in Oct (E)

  • St. Mary Magdalene Chapter No. 73 - 2nd Thu in Feb, Apr, Oct and Dec (E)

Scottish Constitution (Meetings, (E) = Enthronement)

  • Hong Kong Sovereign Chapter No. 240 - 4th Tue in Mar (E), 4th Mon in Aug, 4th Tue in Nov

  • Phoenix Sovereign Chapter No. 17 - 4th Tue in Feb (E), 3rd Mon in Jun, 4th Tue in Oct

  • Robert Lindsay Sovereign Council No. 30 - 4th Tue in May, 3rd Mon in Jul and 4th Tue in Sep (E)

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Hong Kong Preceptory and Priory No. 675 - 1st Wed in May, 1st Tue in Jul, last Wed in Aug (I), 1st Tue in Dec

  • Preceptory and Priory of Shanghai No. 195 - 3rd Thu in Feb, Apr (I), Sep and Nov

  • Victoria Preceptory and Priory No. 78 - 4th Fri in Jan, Feb, Mar (I), Oct and Nov)

RED CROSS OF CONSTANTINE (Meetings, (E) = Enthronement)

  • Lux In Oriente Conclave No. 215 -1st Mon in Feb (E), 4th Wed in May, 3rd Mon in Sep, 2nd Mon in Oct

ROYAL SELECT AND MASTERS (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Far East Council of Royal and Select Masters No. 156 - Last weekday but one in Jan (I), 1st Wed in Jul, 3rd Wed in Oct and Dec

  • Naval and Military Cryptic Council No. 302 - 1st Fri in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug and Oct (I)

ALLIED MASONIC DEGREES (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Hong Kong Council No. 172 - Last Mon in Jun (I), 3rd Mon in Dec

  • Oriental Council No. 151 - 2nd Wed in Jan (I), 3rd Wed in Jun, 1st Wed in Sep

ORDER OF SECRET MONITOR (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Asian Conclave No. 370 - 4th Mon in Apr, 2nd Mon in Jun (I), 1st Mon in Nov)

  • Hong Kong Conclave No. 136 - 1st Mon in Mar, May (I) and Sep)

  • Willie Wong Conclave No. 479 - 2nd Wed in Jul (I), last Tue in Aug, 1st Mon in Oct)

SCARLET CORD (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Walled City Consistory No. 118 - 4th Mon in Apr, 2nd Fri in Jul (I), 1st Mon in Oct)

KNIGHT TEMPLAR PRIESTS (Meetings, (I) = Installation)

  • Patmos Tabernacle No. 21 - 4th Tue in Apr and Jun, 4th Fri in Sep (I)

KNIGHT MASONS (Meetings, (I) = Installation) 


OPERATIVES (Meetings, (I) = Installations) 

  • St. John's Assemblage - 3rd Wed in Feb (I) and May, 2nd Thu in Sep

  • Tung Chung Fort Assemblage - 3rd Mon in Jan (I), 4th Wed in Jun, 3rd Wed in Aug

ROYAL ORDER OF SCOTLAND (Meetings, (I) = Installation)


  • Provincial Grand Lodge of Hong - 2nd Mon in May, Sep and Nov (I)      


SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA IN SCOTIA (Meetings, (I) = Installation)


  • Hong Kong College - Last weekday in May (I), 2nd Mon in Jul, last weekday in Sep

Other Degrees & Orders
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